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  • Basil & Lime

    Fresh and Strong, these are the two adjectives that hold all the essentiality and the soul of this fragrance, born from the unexpected and exotic union between Basil and Lime, two elements that expertly mixed gave birth to an masculine “eau de parfum” with a strong temper.

    A classic fragrance modern, tantalizing, involving and crisp.

  • Bergamot

    The reputation and history of Bergamotto, are to be found in the smell emanating from its essential oil, all Italian peculiarity, present for more than two centuries on the Calabrian coast, still today excellence exported throughout the world.


    It is a dynamic fragrance that seems to release the energy of the sun in a playful balance between notes of Blood Orange, with a pinch of Pink Grapefruit and Melon.

    A young “eau de parfum” which stands out for its volcanic vivacity reminiscent of the warm Sicilian atmospheres.

  • Cologne Baby Ml. 100 Spray

    A fragrance of talc and flowers completely hypoallergenic, makes this an ideal cologne to end the daily care of the children.

    A sweet feeling … delicate and pure.

    Also available in version free alcohol.

  • Colognes ml. 250

    The Zuma Colognes, lighter and more delicate , grant to the skin of the wearer , well-being and freshness even in the hottest days. Lavender ,


    Today, aromatherapy offers a wide range of possibilities to those who decide to adopt a lifestyle more in harmony with the elements and natural cycles.


    Seemingly glacial flower, loved for its delicate whiteness, white Jasmine expresses strong feelings of sweetness and sensuality

  • Lemon cologne

    For scholars the lemon origin is a mystery; his ancestors were growing in the undergrowth of the Himalayan forests, between the North East India and Burma.The first sure track of this citrus fruit in the Mediterranean , is demonstrated by its presence in the Arab Andalusian gardens , as a result , probably , of trade relations with India.

  • Linea eau de Parfum

    The four fragrances of the Zuma tradition-Sicilian Zagara, Jasmine, Bergamot, Lemon-presented in a new “Eau de Parfum” version for a more intense.

  • Natural vegetable soap

    The vegetable soap leaves a sweet fragrance on the skin.


    The essence of the white musk is one of the most popular ever. Delicate, talc, was already in use in Roman times. Original White Musk Zuma is a fragrance from sweet and gentle persistence, with its purity has the power to reveal the essence of femininity in women.

  • Salt drops

    Salt water by Zuma follows the sea route capturing the scents of warm sand, crystal clear water and the salty air of our coasts.