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    Saponi al gelsomino, limone e zagara

    Saponette Profumate al Gelsomino, Limone e Zagara in Confezione da 125g x 3 – Saponette Naturali Vegetali Delicate Fragranze di Sicilia per Corpo, Mani e Viso

  • Saponi alla zagara

    Saponette Profumate Naturali in Confezione da 125g x 3 – Saponetta Vegetale Delicata alla Zagara di Sicilia per Corpo, Mani e Viso – Saponetta Profumata Multiuso con Fiori d’Arancio.

  • Sicilian water

    Water of Sicily by zuma preserves the freshness and liveliness of our land.

  • Zagara of Sicily

    Neroli, the essential oil of bitter orange , gives this fragrance a particularly pungent citrus persistence; the bottom amber notes round up the ensemble with velvety nuances and its scent intoxicating and drunk arousing strong emotions and inexplicable.

  • Zagara Zuma

    Zahara – Zahr – ” Flower that white sparkles ” as the Arabs called the Zagara, the typical orange flower whose essence embodies the spirit and soul of Sicily. The scent of Zagara is released into the air during the period between April and May when the orange and lemon trees fill with this delicate flower.

  • Zyz

    On a trip back in time we find that Zyz is the name that the Phoenicians settlers of Tyre gave to the city of Palermo at the time of its founding in 734 BC. Zyz in Phoenician means ” flower” and symbolically refers to the shape of the city from above , cut by two major rivers, the Kemonia and Papireto.