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Profumi Zuma is born

Since 1943
The company established itself early in the production and commercialization of Cologne Zagara Zuma, which includes in its fragrance the essence derived from orange blossom, representing even today, after more than 70 years, the scent of Sicily. In 1969 Gaetano Di Gregorio, employee since 1956, took over the company as a result of a deep crisis in relations between the two founders. Under his aegis, Zuma is about to experience a period of great change, from the transfer of its seat to Altofonte, a small town in the province of Palermo and also the hometown of its new owner, to modernization of the production complex, made even more efficient.


International success
But the biggest change occurs within the corporate structure itself. With Gaetano Di Gregorio , Zuma became an Artisan Company that in a short time and thanks to the excellence of its products, achieved great success at international level. In 1984, Zuma fragrances are present at "Perfumes and Cosmetics from Italy" , an exhibition held in New York, a springboard for many Italian companies in the foreign market. In 1998 the launch of the site allows the company to make entry into the e-commerce world for the online marketing of their products. Today Zuma perfumes is again an S.R.L run by Gaetano Di Gregorio sons: Angelo , Fabio and Loredana , who guide the company with the same passion inherited from his father, reconciling tradition and innovation because they are aware of being at the helm of a company now historic for Sicily and famous in the world.