Today, aromatherapy offers a wide range of possibilities to those who decide to adopt a lifestyle more in harmony with the elements and natural cycles.

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Today, aromatherapy offers a wide range of possibilities to those who decide to adopt a lifestyle more in harmony with the elements and natural cycles. It is well known, such as aromatic essences reveal their potential for the human body in its entirety, producing effects both physically and on the emotional and mental. Through the environmental diffusion and the external use to which our essences are intended, it’s possible to obtain the maximum benefit of the aromatherapy use, obtaining that well-being that naturally arises from the perfect harmony between the body and the mind.



The essential oil of Amber is an invigorating the immune system, is used in aromatherapy for anxiety and stress, supports the personal motivation and improves cognitive performance.

The essential oil of Bergamot, always important for healthy skin. In aromatherapy it exerts its effectiveness for emotional rebalancing: it contrasts anxious states and promotes good mood and vitality. Widespread in the environment, it helps with headaches and strengthens memory.

The essential oil of Cinnamon is a multi-benefit oil. Promotes creativity, helps in states of depression and anguish, promotes rooting and the feeling of stability. Widespread in the environment, it’s also an effective natural remedy for flu, cough and cold. It’s a valid stimulant of the nervous system.

The essential oil of Cedar helps centering and focusing. Widespread in the environment help to distracted subjects or immature and devoid of substance; useful in moments of transition, it counteracts the feeling of disorientation that can occur during important changes.

The essential oil of Citronella from the renowned effectiveness as a mosquito repellent, also used in aromatherapy to relieve stress and devolution, to generate optimism and relaxation. Also useful against insomnia or migraines.

The essential oil of Jasmine strengthens the spirit in your daily difficulties and emotional anxieties; awakens sensuality and helps to work on emotional blocks and rigidities.

The essential oil of Lavender has a calming powerful emotional and balancing the nervous system; calms migraines, soothes the spirit and it’s of great help in cases of anxiety, restlessness, melancholy and insomnia. In aromatherapy use, it’s an excellent decongestant against colds and flu.

The essential oil of Lemon in aromatherapy stimulates concentration and mental activity, strengthens determination and courage, supports the rational mind by containing emotions, helps to free oneself from conditioning and the feeling of oppression generated by them.

The essential oil of Neroli is support of the emotions linked to the heart and relief in the presence of affective suffering; it is a mild sedative particularly recommended in cases of insomnia and nocturnal agitation; it helps to soothe fear, psychological tension and confusional states.

The essential oil of Patchouli has many properties: useful against stress, when mixed with other oils, such as lavender, rose, sandalwood and bergamot, it produces calming effects against disturbances. It helps the concentration and energy, and, inducing the production of endorphins, it helps to remove emotional blocks. It is also effective as a repellent to protect linen from insects, especially during the summer.

The essential oil of Rose is very useful in aromatherapy, healing deep into the emotional trauma of any kind; stimulates harmony and compassion.

The essential oil of Vetiver, with low and woody notes, has been known since ancient times in the Middle East for its antirheumatic qualities and in contrasting anxious states; thanks to its slightly sedative and calming properties, it is useful in cases of insomnia or restless sleep. Widespread in the environment, it promotes calm and tranquility, relieving tension, nervousness and irritability.

The essential oil of Zagara is effective in psychosomatic disorders affecting the digestive system, it’s a much appreciated fragrance by artists, because it favors creative inspiration. If widespread in the environment promotes distension.